Shake it up

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It’s been a while.  I’m not even sure if anyone will even read this due to the fact that it’s been so long.  However, I feel compelled to write again, most likely caused by the overwhelmingness I am swimming in at the moment.  That seems to be when I begin writing again – when I really need to break away.

In the past 18 months since I’ve written, a few things have changed.  A quick recap:  built a new house, had a baby, got a ton of work for my firm . . . I guess that’s it. . . only 3 things.

Those of you who know me are aware that it’s pretty much been non-stop and I’m the guy who rarely complains about it.  The fact that I’ve asked for all of these things surely helps, but it doesn’t change how busy I am.  “Stress”, I’ve learned, is not necessarily generated by negative aspects of life.  In fact, I tell my residential clients all of the time that building a new home will be one of the most stressful things that you can do together as a couple.  It’s true.  I can now confirm that. . . not just say it.  BUT, it was also one of the most rewarding processes we’ve gone thru as well.  Being able to build our home while literally building our family (she was pregnant thru most of the process), was a truly rewarding experience.


I believe being on the “other side” of the process has made me a better Architect, simply by understanding the decision process that needs to occur from the Owner’s standpoint.

And then there’s Little Gal.  We were so happy to welcome our baby girl in December, and building a home during that process made the whole thing even better.  I literally felt like I was building a house for her to come home to (although we didn’t move in until 2 months later).

So, this isn’t an insightful post.  It’s really intended to kick things off again.  I have been keeping a list of potential posts as they come to me, so maybe I’ll start to get some of those ideas into words sometime soon.

If anyone is reading, thank you!  This blog has always been primarily for me, but I enjoy hearing when people actually read it.  With a new home and a new daughter, Design A Dad has lots more work to do!


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